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Volume 66, Number 3, June 2000 ISSN 0919-9268


In Memoriam:Yutaka Shimizu

Morihiko Sakaguchi···415

Original Articles

Role of vision in behavior,visual field,and visual acuity of cuttlefish Sepia esculenta

N Watanuki,G Kawamura,S Kaneuchi and T Iwashita···417

Analysis of the escape behavior of juvenile salmon Oncorhynchus keta from the bag-net for by-catch prevention in a set-net fishery

Y Fujimori,K Abe,S Shimizu and T Miura···424

Growth of large and small forms of pond smelt Hypomesus transpacificus nipponensis in Lake Kasumigaura,Japan

T Kudo and K Mizuguchi···432

Distribution and movement of larvae,juvenile and young of the pointhead flounder Hippoglossoides pinetorum in Ishikari Bay and vicinity,Hokkaido

O Tominaga,M Watanobe,M Hanyu,K Domon,Y Watanabe and T Takahashi···442

Interspecific interactions between ayu,Plecoglossus altivelis and pale chub,Zacco platypus in artificial streams

O Katano,S-i Abe,K Matsuzaki and K Iguchi···452

Modification of DeLury's method for a fishery exploiting two stocks

N Yamashita,M Hasegawa,S Yamada,E Tanaka,T Kitakado and H Fushimi···460

Food consumption and growth of the juvenile sea urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius

Y Agatsuma···467

Uniaxial compression strength and erosive potential rate of rocks in strata on the coast of Miura Peninsula with specific relation to the algal communities of Eisenia bicyclis and Ecklonia cava

H Arakawa,R Okada,H Okabe,T Morinaga and K Taniguchi···473

Active metabolic rate of masu salmon determined by respirometry

JBK Leonard,DR Leonard and H Ueda···481

New information on age composition and length -weight relationship of bluefin tuna, Thunnus thynnus in the southwestern North Pacific

C-C Hsu,H-C Liu,C-L Wu,S-T Huang and H-K Liao···485

Size selectivity of trap for male red queen crab Chionoecetes japonicus with the extended SELECT model

E-C Jeong,C-D Park,S-W Park,J-H Lee and T Tokai···494

Seasonal biochemical variations in Pacific oyster gonadal tissue during sexual maturation

Q Li,M Osada and K Mori···502

Carbon,nitrogen,phosphorus,and chlorophyll a content of the large diatom,Coscinodiscus wailesii and its abundance in the Seto Inland Sea,Japan

K Tada,S Pithakpol,K Ichimi and S Montani···509

Validation of auto-counting method by NIH Image using otoliths of white-spotted char Salvelinus leucomaenis

Y Takashima,T Takada,T Matsuishi and Y Kanno···515

Energy and protein requirements of yellowtail during winter season

K Watanabe,H Aoki,Y Yamagata,V Kiron,S Satoh and T Watanabe···521

Voluntary intake of diets with varying digestible energy contents and energy sources,by juvenile rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss using self-feeders

T Yamamoto,T Shima,T Unuma,M Shiraishi,T Akiyama and M Tabata···528

Hemolymph vitellogenin levels during ovarian development in the kuruma prawn Penaeus japonicus

S Jasmani,I Kawazoe,T-W Shih,Y Suzuki and K Aida···535

Oral immunization specifically inhibits intestinal protein uptake in the common carp Cyprinus carpio L.

O Nakamura,Y Suzuki and K Aida···540

Toxicity of Taiwanese gobies

S-J Lin,D-F Hwang,K-T Shao and S-S Jeng···547

Seasonal change in collagen content of red seabream muscle

K Touhata,M Tanaka,H Toyohara,H Tanaka and M Sakaguchi···553

Effects of mackerel cathepsins L and L-like,and calpain on the degradation of mackerel surimi

M-L Ho,G-H Chen and S-T Jiang···558

Characterization of brine proteases as agents of hydrolysis during the ripening of fermented sardine with rice-bran

K Yatsunami and T Takenaka···569

Induction of gelatinolytic activities in ayu muscle at the spawning stage

S Kubota,M Kinoshita,Y Yokoyama,H Toyohara and M Sakaguchi···574

Distribution of apolipoproteins A-I and A-II in serum,secreted proteins by cultured hepatocytes,and the plasma membrane of hepatocytes in eel

H Kato,Y-P Ge,D Ndiaye and S Hayashi···579

Comparison of biochemical and physiological characteristics among white,pink,and red muscle fibers in carp (cultured)

A Jabarsyah,M Tsuchimoto,O Yada,Y Kozuru,T Miyake,T Misima, Q Wang and K Tachibana···586

Response of enzyme activities and metabolic intermediate concentrations to a short-time exercise and following resting in muscle and hepatopancreas of carp

T Sugita,S Shimeno,N Nakano,H Hosokawa and T Masumoto···594

Purification and characterization of metmyoglobin reductase from ordinary muscle of blue-fin tuna

C-Y Pong,T-K Chiou,F-P Nieh and S-T Jiang···599

Short Papers

Early developmental phase of wakasagi,Hypomesus nipponensis in Lake Abashiri

M Torao···605

Efficiency of the finite correction of Akaike's Information Criteria

H Shono···608

Preliminary study of the effect of dietary docosahexaenoic acid on the volumetric growth of the brain in larval yellowtail

Y Ishizaki,K Uematsu and T Takeuchi···611

High level of 6,9,12,15,18,21-tetracosahexaenoic acid found in lipids of Ophiuroidea Ophiura sarsi Lüken

K-I Kawasaki,YI Nabeshima,K Ishihara,M Kaneniwa and T Ooizumi···614

Comparison of guluronate contents of alginates deter ined by different methods

M Shinohara,R Nishida,T Aoyama,H Kamono,H Bando and M Nishizawa···616