Issuance of a certificate for application of the Exception to
the Loss of Novelty for patent filing in Japan

The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science has been designated as an academic group which is entitled to the Exception to the Loss of Novelty of Invention under Article 30 of the Patent Law. Inventions or devices presented in writing including manuscripts and drawings at academic lectures, workshops, symposia and other training sessions held by academic groups which are designated as such thereunder may be granted the Exception to the Loss of Novelty during patent filing if you obtain a certificate and apply for a patent within six months after such presentation is made.

The Society issues certificates covering research paper presentations made at conventions, branch conventions, fora and committees as well as presentations made at symposia, etc. held by the Society and that may be subject to said exception. Please ask the Secretariat of the Society for detailed procedures on how to obtain such certificate, which is issued free of charge.