Membership Information

Full members: Individuals with academic knowledge of fisheries science or related to the academy
Organization members: Public or government organizations, institutions, or universities
Sustaining members: Sponsoring organizations or institutions
Foreign members: Individuals with academic knowledge of fisheries science or other relations to the academy from outside Japan
Honorary members: Individuals recognized for their outstanding contributions
Student members: Students from universities, junior and senior colleges, and comparable schools

Full and student members will automatically be enrolled in a particular local branch of the society.

Annual membership fee
No entry fee is charged upon being accepted as a member, the annual membership fees indicated below are to be paid by the end of February each year.

Full members:10,000yen
Organization members:30,000 yen
Sustaining members:50,000 yen
Foreign members:15,000 yen
Student members:6,000 yen

Membership benefits
Members can receive full-access rights for on-line publication of both Fisheries Science (English) and Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi (Japanese) published six times per year respectively. Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi in print is also regularly delivered to your registered addresses. Full, Sustaining, Foreign and Student members have the opportunity to contribute to the SocietyŐs annual meetings by presenting their research work.

Application for membership
Those who intend to become either full, foreign or student members are required to submit an application form.

When admitted with the approval of the Board of Directors, members will receive all the aforementioned benefits. At the time of application the appropriate membership fees for the year concerned must be paid in advance. From the subsequent year the dues can be remitted by bank transfer or by credit card. The former method is recommended, either through Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation, Hamamatsucho Branch (Regular account No. 1568556, in the name of Nippon Suisan Gakkai) or through Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank, Shinagawa Station branch (Regular account No. 4129713, in the name of Nippon Suisan Gakkai)

New members shall receive the official journal of the society starting from the first issue of the corresponding year. If student members wish to continue the membership, the fees for the following year must be paid in advance until the end of December. The members are directed to use their membership numbers in all correspondences with the numbers must be notified as soon as possible. A PDF file version of the form for this purpose is available here.

Application form (PDF)

The regulations of the society are published only in Japanese in the third issue of the Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi every year.

Procedures for withdrawal/changes

Notice of changes
Please notify promptly the Secretariat of the Society of any change in the information which is registered with this Society including journal mailing address and place of work after admission to the Society.

Withdrawal from membership
If you wish to cancel your membership, please notify promptly the Secretariat of the Society to that effect. Except for student members, membership continues to be effective unless your intent to withdraw is conveyed to the Secretariat of the Society. Withdrawal is not allowed within the annual period. Intent to withdraw should be conveyed until not later than December of the year in which you wish to cancel your membership. Please note that a withdrawal notification made on or after January will result in withdrawal from membership only by the end of that year.

The membership application form and other details may be obtained from:
The Head Office of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science
4-5-7 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8477, Japan
Tel +81-3-3471-2165@Fax +81-3471-2054