On the donations received in response to
the Great East Japan Earthquake

    The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science (JSFS) sincerely appreciates the generous support from its members and from other institutions. The total amount of contributions to the JSFS is \7,402,939 as of June 8. The executive board of our society has decided on the following uses for the donations.
    Approximately half of the total amount (\3,700,000) will be used to support the reconstruction of the fisheries industry and of fisheries research- and education-related institutions. Nine institutions (four universities, two prefecture-related institutions, one high school, one fisheries cooperative association, and one private corporation) applied for support and the Disaster Recovery Center of JSFS has decided to provide financial aid for all of them.
    The remaining half (\3,702,939) was given to the Momo-Kaki Scholarship Association, a foundation for the support of children affected by the disaster. The contribution was presented by Dr. Eguchi, a board member of JSFS, at the JSFS office in Osaka Prefecture. JSFS will continue the collection of donations to support children affected by the disaster.
    The JSFS also received generous donations from the American Fisheries Society, The Fisheries Society of the British Isles, and other non-members and has presented these institutions and individuals with certificates of appreciation.

Japanese Society of Fisheries Science