April 11, 2011

Action plan of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science (JSFS) toward reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake

Action plan of JSFS for reconstruction
  1. Promotion of technical research for reconstruction of local community-based fisheries and aquaculture
  2. Cooperation in planning safe, disaster-resilient coastal fisheries communities
  3. Integrated development of coastal environmental studies, fisheries engineering, fisheries sociology, fisheries economics, and fisheries resources as a basis for new fisheries communities.
  4. Promotion of close cooperation among Universities, the Fisheries Research Agency, and regional fisheries experimental stations to support the reconstruction of the fisheries sector.
  5. Promotion of research on radioactive contamination of marine organisms and monitoring the risks for the coastal environment and seafood.
  6. Development of human resources for local governmental agencies to implement recovery efforts in the affected area.

Basic policies behind the action plan
  1. Reassessment of disaster prevention measures and cultural aspects for the rebuilding of local communities
  2. Planning of innovative fisheries communities and industries
  3. Fostering partnerships across organizations
  4. Combined efforts for speedy recovery involving the industry, government, academia, and private sector.
 (1) Enhancement of administrative leadership through the deployment of human resources
 (2) Disclosure of accurate information on contamination in agricultural and fisheries products
 (3) Perspective of electric power supply restoration
 (4) Policy planning for effective utilization of reconstruction funds