The Bleeker Award for Distinguished Contributions to Indo-Pacific Ichthyology

The Scientific Advisory Committee for the Indo-Pacific Fish Conference (IPFC) offers an award for distinguished contributions to Indo-Pacific ichthyology. The award honours the “father” of Indo-Pacific ichthyology, Pieter Bleeker.

The first Bleekers were awarded at the 7th IPFC, Taiwan, in 2005 to John E Randall, and J Howard Choat. Details of the winners may be found in Ichthyological Research 2006 53(2):205.

Nominations are now solicited for the 2nd round of Pieter Bleeker Awards for Excellence in Indo-Pacific ichthyology. The prize is awarded for "an outstanding body of published work in Indo-Pacific ichthyology, mainly in systematics and ecology" to an ichthyologist. The award consists of a plaque and prizes, and will be presented during the 8th IPFC , to be held in June 2009 in Perth, Western Australia ( ). Nominations may be made by any ichthyologist, including self-nominations, and should include the nominee's curriculum vitae, details of the nominee's specific contributions and their impacts on ichthyology.

Nominations should be submitted as an e-mail attachment (Word or rtf) by 31 January 2009 to the Chair of the Bleeker Award Committee, Dr. Jeffery Leis of the Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia, e-mail:

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